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The right system for your needs

COOLCENE Air Conditioning Systems

Selecting the correct capacity system to suit your home is critical. As Air Conditioning Specialist’s Coolcene will determine the correct type and size of system required to maintain quiet, year round temperature comfort and avoid increased running costs.
Factors such as roof insulation, room size and usage, window size and position all determine which system you required.
You need a system that is designed to suit your home, and also ‘how you live’ in your home. You not only need to consider what areas of your home need to be air conditioned, but also how many areas you want to have air conditioned at the same time and what areas the system needs to heat and cool throughout the year.
As your Air Conditioning Specialist’s Coolcene have our own service division and the manufacturers we support all have offices in Australia.
Here is a brief outline of the different systems available and where they might be ideally suited.


Split Systems

Split system air conditioners have an outdoor condenser that connects to an indoor fan coil unit via small copper pipes and electrical wiring. The indoor unit is either wall mounted, under ceiling mounted or is a floor standing model that circulates either warm or cool air as desired. Split systems are ideal for air conditioning single rooms or open areas.

A multi-split system can air condition multiple rooms with a single outdoor condenser connecting to multiple fan coil units. Multi-split systems are ideal where there is limited space for a number of outdoor units or insufficient space for ducting. They also allow individual temperature control in each room.

With a ducted system, a condenser is installed outside the home. The indoor fan coil is usually located in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ductwork distributing warm or cool air through vents located in each room of the house. Ducted systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones, so they can be heated or cooled at different times depending on the season.


Coolcene design and install commercial systems for single room offices to large commercial operations in a variety of building structures; from single storey to multi level, high rise developments.

Systems include;

  • single wall hung split systems
  • multi split systems
  • ducted systems
  • package units
  • car park and toilet ventilation systems
  • the latest VRV systems

We work directly with the developer or building owner to ensure the most economical and efficient design is installed to the highest standards and meets all current council regulations and Building standards.

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