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The ultimate in smart air conditioning for your home

MyAir is the ultimate home ducted air conditioning management system providing reassuring, year round comfort.

Designed and made in Australia, MyAir takes ducted air conditioning to the next level, allowing you to control your ducted system via a touchscreen controller that doubles as a tablet.

The system provides individual airflow control for up to 10 separate zones and can be installed with all Daikin and Fujitsu ducted system systems.

With no more continual adjusting to achieve optimal temperatures throughout your home, simply turn your air conditioner on and let MyAir control your home’s climate to provide a superior level of comfort.


Smart App Integration

The MyAir app allows you to control your ducted air conditioning system from your smart phone or tablet with ease. Turn your system on before you get home, adjust the temperature without moving from the TV, or double check you turned off the air conditioning when you are not at home.


Multi Zone Control

Customise your ducted air conditioning system even further with multiple zone control. With the ability to add up to 10 zones, MyAir multiple zone control allows you to separately control the air flow in each room, reducing running costs and satisfying everyone’s preferred heating and cooling needs.

MyAir - Zone Control - Advantage Air

Adjustable Air Flow

MyAir’s “Advantage Air Exact Regulators” (EAR) allow for complete customisation when it comes to airflow management. Using the latest technology, adjust the air flow in 5% increments in individual rooms. Quiet, controlled air flow is at the core of the system.



The controller not only allows you to control your ducted system from a centrally located hub, but also offers the added benefit of an Android touchscreen tablet. Play music, look up recipes and send emails all from the wall mounted touchscreen tablet.

With the addition of the latest technological innovation, you can now control your MyAir with voice command through Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

MyAir - Touchscreen - Advantage Air


Enhance your MyAir experience even further with the addition of MyPlace. This complete smart home system works with existing fixtures in your home, allowing you to control lighting, garage doors, fans and more, all from your smart phone, tablet or touchscreen control panel.


MyPlace - Advantage Air

Australian Made

MyAir is Australian designed and locally made to tolerate our often extreme conditions. With a 5 year warranty on all electronic controls, you can be assured the controller is a quality and reliable product.

Commitment to excellence, innovation and intuitive design is central to the enormous success of the MyAir product. Find out how you can enhance your ducted air conditioning experience today with MyAir by contacting one of our friendly Coolcene staff.

Optional Extras

  • advantage air - myair techology

    Temperature Sensors

    Reduce running costs and enhance temperature control with temperature sensors. Able to be installed at any time, MyAir individual temperature control sensors act like a thermostat, continually adjusting the airflow according to outdoor temperature, sun position and room orientation to consistently maintain the set temperature.

  • MyAir - MyLights


    Make life even more comfortable and secure by adding MyLights to your MyAir touchscreen controller. Turn on your lights before you get home or control your lights so it looks like your home is occupied even when no one is home or you are away on holidays.

Integrate with new or existing ducted air conditioning systems

MyAir doesn’t just work with new ducted air conditioning systems, it can also be integrated into existing systems with a MyAir retrofit.

Intuitive design, function and features are key to the success of the MyAir controller as well as to making your property a complete smart home.

Find out how you can enhance your ducted air conditioning experience today with MyAir and contact one of our friendly staff.

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