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Whole house heating and cooling solution

A ducted air conditioning system offers a discrete and effective whole house heating and cooling solution using just the one system. Once installed, only the control panel, return air grille and diffusers are visible inside the home.

Operated via a central controller and with the ability to zone areas within your home, a ducted air conditioning system provides the perfect temperature controlled comfort all year round.

Powered by an external outdoor condenser connected to an indoor fan motor, air conditioned air is circulated via diffusers located throughout your home. 

With the ability to be installed into most existing properties, or custom designed to suit a new home, a ducted air conditioning system is considered the ultimate in air conditioning systems.

Reliable and energy efficient, ducted systems combine a range of functions and convenient features which have been designed to improve your lifestyle by delivering year round air conditioned comfort.

ducted air conditioning

Benefits of a ducted air conditioning system

  • Whole home solution

    Ducted air conditioning systems deliver the ultimate in whole home heating and cooling at the touch of a button. Conditioned air is distributed via diffusers located in different rooms, providing year round comfort and freedom of movement throughout your home.

    Experience the luxury and flexibility of living in temperature controlled comfort, with a ducted system.

  • Central control

    A selection of backlit, easy to read control panels allow you to operate your ducted system.  Simply select different temperatures as well as schedule timers on your controller, to suit your lifestyle needs.

    Adding WiFi connectivity to your ducted system is an option that allows you to operate your system from almost anywhere, with a smart phone or tablet.

  • Visually Appealing

    With only the diffusers and return air grille visible inside the home, ducted systems are unobtrusive and understated.

    Discrete diffusers blend seamlessly into the design of your home, delivering conditioned air throughout. Many modern homes include custom made wall grilles and diffusers which add to the overall visual appeal and design of the home

  • Quiet operation

    Low operating noise, both inside and outside your home, is an important consideration for most homeowners and neighbouring properties.

    Engineered with the latest technology in noise reduction, Daikin and Fujitsu ducted systems provide a quieter and more efficient means of delivering air conditioned air throughout the home.

  • Improved air quality

    A ducted system not only provides conditioned air, it also delivers filtered and dehumidified air throughout your home.

    The ducted system has a return air grille which filters out dust mites, airborne particles and pollens that often trigger allergies and asthma. The system also acts as a dehumidifier, reducing mould and mildew problems in the home.

  • Value adding

    Investing in a ducted air conditioning system not only improves your family’s overall comfort but can also increase the value of your property.

    Many homeowners view installing a ducted system as an important lifestyle choice that provides them with many years of efficient climate controlled comfort.

Finding the right ducted air conditioning system for your home

Whether you are looking for a ducted air conditioning system for your home or office, Coolcene will tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Designing and recommending the right ducted air conditioning system that suits your home and budget, is an important part of what we do.

We not only supply and install your ducted system, but also provide ongoing service support to ensure your ducted air conditioning system continues to operate at peak performance and optimum efficiency.



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my air controller

Convert your home into a smart home

Enhance and control your ducted air conditioning system in Port Macquarie even further with integrated Wi-Fi technology and whole home operating systems. We offer the below options:

As an Advantage Air partner, Coolcene offers customers the option to further customise the flexibility and function of their ducted air conditioner by installing a MyAir touch screen controller with Wi-Fi.

Designed in Australia, Daikin’s AirHub Touch Zone Controller with Wi-Fi offers a number of economy settings and precise temperature control.  Delivering the ultimate in comfort, when and where it is needed in your home.

The Fujitsu General anywAiR touch screen controller provides Wi-Fi control of your ducted system anywhere and includes programmable scenarios and temperature control.


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