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When it comes to cooling and heating your home or office, a split system air conditioning unit offers a cost effective, versatile solution. As air conditioning specialists we offer a range of split system air conditioners to suit your needs and budget. 

Whether you require a small system for your bedroom, or a more powerful unit to cover a large open area, a split system air conditioning system is an efficient and economical air conditioning solution.

  • With a variety of options available including wall mounted, floor standing and ceiling mounted units, split systems are the most popular choice for many Australian homes and businesses.

As split system air conditioning specialists Coolcene offer an extensive range of innovative and energy efficient Daikin and Fujitsu split system air conditioners to suit your needs and budget.



Benefits of split system air conditioners

  • Easy to Install

    With the indoor fan coil installed on an interior wall and the condenser installed outside, split systems require no ductwork, and are popular as the installation process is often fast and simple.

    As the indoor fan coil can be installed some distance from the external condenser, split systems are very versatile and suited to most homes and locations.

  • Easy to maintain

    Split system air conditioners require minimal ongoing maintenance. Easy to remove, washable filters located in the indoor fan coil make cleaning split systems a simple task.

    While keeping the outdoor units clear of any leaf litter and dirt, will ensure no debris enters the condenser and affect the operation of your split system.

  • Quiet

    Offering the most advanced technology in noise reduction, Daikin and Fujitsu split system air conditioners are designed to minimise noise and offer quiet indoor operation and temperature controlled comfort.

    It’s important to consider neighbours and the impact noise from your air conditioner may have on their lifestyle.  To minimise noise, it is key to invest in a quality split system and have it installed professionally.

  • Cost effective

    Split systems are considered a more cost-effective option to install and offer an affordable air conditioning solution for many homeowners and businesses.

    The innovative inverter technology built into Daikin and Fujitsu split systems also ensures greater energy efficiency and cost savings throughout the life of the split system.

  • Sleek design

    Available in a variety of sizes and stylish designs, a split system air conditioner is designed to blend harmoniously in with most home decors and office interiors.

    With a wide range of wall mounted, floor mounted and ceiling mounted models available, from 2.0kw to 9.5kw, it is easy to choose a system suited to every room in your home.

  • Enhanced air quality

    All Daikin and Fujitsu split systems are fitted with air purifying filters which trap most microscopic airborne particles maintaining air quality throughout the home.

    Invisible mould spores, dust mites and microorganisms, that may be harmful to your health, are absorbed by the filters, which also assist in decomposing odours and deactivating bacteria, minimising running costs and to the upkeep of commercial units.

Choosing the right split system air conditioner

As specialists in air conditioning systems, our experienced in-house consultants and skilled licenced installers are here to help.

Coolcene will arrange to come to your premises to do an obligation free site check and measure.  We will then provide a quote for the most efficient and suitable air conditioner for your needs and budget.

We carry out installation for all types of split systems as well as offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your split system air conditioner delivers optimal performance for years to come.

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