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A multi split or VRV air conditioning system is an ideal flexible option when a ducted air conditioning system is unable to be installed and more than one indoor fan unit is required.

As many as 6 indoor units can be connected to a multi-split system and up to 14 indoor fan coils with a VRV system, suiting a variety of residential and commercial applications. A wide selection of indoor model types and sizes are available ranging from bulkhead, wall mounted, floor standing, ducted, cassette and ceiling suspended units.

The advantage of a multi split or VRV system is that each indoor unit can be controlled individually. Different temperatures, airflows and timer scheduling can be selected for each fan coil and adjusted to meet individual preferences, whilst delivering reduced running costs and optimal comfort.

  • Wall mounted multi-split air conditioners

    Wall mounted indoor units are available in a range of designs and sizes from 2.0kw to 9.5kw. Suited to both small and large rooms, they are an ideal, cost effective choice to heat and cool individual rooms.

  • bulk head multi split air conditioning

    Bulkhead ducted multi-split air conditioners

    Bulkhead and ducted indoor units are concealed either in your bulkhead or ceiling. An ideal alternative for people who want to hide the indoor units for a sleek and discreet appearance.

  • multi split air conditioning port macqurie

    Floor standing multi-split air conditioners

    Perfectly suited where there is insufficient high wall space available. Floor standing indoor units are ideal for installation lower to the ground, under a window or semi-recessed into an unused fireplace.


multi split air conditioning

Benefits of multi-split air conditioning systems

  • Energy efficient

    Greater energy efficiency and uninterrupted comfort is assured with the latest multi split inverter technology.

    Operating costs can be further reduced by only switching on fan coils in rooms requiring air conditioning, significantly saving energy.

  • Flexible installation

    Having one outdoor condenser that can be connected to a multiple number of indoor fan coils, VRV and multi split systems suit a variety of installations.

    Long refrigerant pipe runs, between the indoor fan coils and condenser, offer even greater installation options.  VRV and multi splits are ideal solutions for offices, multi storey building and contemporary homes with flat roofs, built over several levels.

  • Individual control

    Each multi split indoor unit can be individually controlled to suit your specific comfort requirements.

    Being able to independently operate each indoor unit provides greater personal comfort and flexibility. Temperature settings, airflow and timer scheduling can be controlled and adjusted separately, for each fan coil, delivering individual comfort for everyone.

  • Range of fan coils

    With a large selection of indoor fan coil designs to choose from including bulkhead, ducted, wall mounted and ceiling mounted models, there are many options available to suit residential and commercial applications.

    The wide range of indoor fan coils on offer can be mixed and combined to suit a variety of room designs and there is a combination available to suit almost every situation.

  • Latest technology

    Incorporating state of the art inverter technology, multi split systems are supremely energy efficient and quiet to operate.

    The latest technology also ensures optimum performance to provide improved air quality as well as a reduced impact on our environment.

  • Quiet operation

    Multi split systems deliver quiet operation, limiting noise, both inside and outside your home or business.

    The indoor fan coils are designed to deliver greater volumes of air whilst providing whisper quiet internal operation.  If external night-time noise levels need to be lowered, the outdoor unit’s fan speed can be limited to reduce noise levels even further.

Finding the right multi-split air conditioning system for you

When quoting to install a multi split or VRV system, we account for all the different factors that will determine which system best suits your home. These include the size and layout of your home as well as how and when the different areas in your home are being used.

Our team of specialists will work with you to provide a custom designed solution that is most suitable for your family’s needs, taking into consideration all your individual requirements.

Coolcene don’t just supply and install multi split and VRV systems, we also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system is operating at optimal performance.

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