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COOLCENE Ultimate Heating & Cooling Guide

We encourage you to take 5 minutes to read through the guide below. It will assist you in selecting the right system for your needs.

1. Why you need an Air Conditioning Specialist to design your system?

Just because someone sells air conditioning does not make them a specialist.

A specialist is someone who is trained and educated in the industry with experience on the job within the trade. Whatever the size of unit you require, it’s important to find an Air Conditioning Specialist to help you choose the right system for your requirements.

When you decide to air condition your home, your comfort is at stake and so is your investment. Most companies can give you a quote, but if they don’t truly appreciate their customer’s needs the job can end up being a nightmare.
By choosing Coolcene, the Air Conditioning Specialists, you’ll benefit from;

Tidy / Helpful Tradesmen
Coolcene WILL NEVER treat your home like a construction site. We’ll always cover precious belongings during the installation and have all rubbish cleaned up and taken away at the end of the job.

Thorough Communication
Coolcene ALWAYS PROVIDE a clear and precise explanation of “how and where” your new system is going to be installed. You’ll receive instructions on how to operate the system properly.

We Respect Your Time
Coolcene WILL MEET prearranged quotation times and arrange to have the system installed when it’s convenient to you. We pride ourselves in minimizing any disruption to your busy schedule.

2. What you deserve from your Air Conditioning Specialist?

Written proposal: Includes method of installation/exclusions/warranties/ after sales maintenance offers/after sales servicing, all at a FIXED PRICE.

A written proposal from Coolcene is your Air Conditioning Specialist’s guarantee that your new system will work effectively/efficiently and will be supported for the life of the system. Most importantly there will be no hidden EXTRAS once you have purchased the system.

3. The right system for your needs

Selecting the correct capacity system to suit your home is critical. As Air Conditioning Specialist’s Coolcene will determine the correct type and size of system required to maintain quiet, year round temperature comfort and avoid increased running costs.

Factors such as roof insulation, room size and usage, window size and position all determine which system you required.
You need a system that is designed to suit your home, and also ‘how you live’ in your home. You not only need to consider what areas of your home need to be air conditioned, but also how many areas you want to have air conditioned at the same time and what areas the system needs to heat and cool throughout the year.
As your Air Conditioning Specialist’s Coolcene have our own service division and the manufacturers we support all have offices in Australia.

For more info on the types of systems we offer visit our “Systems” Page

4. Choosing the right brand

Not only is there an expertise required in choosing the correct type and size of air conditioner, you also need to consider the manufacturer of the system. Brands can vary quite dramatically. You need one that is proven to be robust enough to handle Australian conditions.

Some manufactures that gather components from all different companies and mix them together to create the system. If your new air conditioning system is made up from inferior or mixed products, this can lead to reduced performance.

As your Air Conditioning Specialist’s Coolcene only support the best, most reputable brands from long-standing manufacturers.

5. Inverters & Non Inverters

There are many variables that will affect how much your system will cost to run such as size, brand, temperature to be maintained, energy rating and the compressor type.
The compressor is the component on an air conditioning system that does most of the work and so consumes most of the power and utilise both inverter and non-inverter technology.

Less efficient, the non-inverter air conditioning operates at a fixed speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating on a stop/start principal.

Inverter technology operates differently. It works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power.

The most efficient air conditioning systems on the market today use inverter style compressors. Choosing an inverter air conditioner means uninterrupted comfort with significant energy savings.

A guide to running costs and efficiency can be found at Energy Rating

6. Running Costs

Efficiency = Running Cost

It is difficult to give exact running costs as there are many variables that will affect the running costs ranging from electricity supplier tariffs / outside air temperature / temperature settings.

As your Air Conditioning Specialist, Coolcene will help you choose the most energy efficient system to meet your needs. We’ll also advise the best way to operate your air conditioner to minimise running costs.


7. Tips to improve efficiency & Running Costs

There are some simple things you can do to save energy when using an air conditioner;

  • Insulate your home
  • Check if windows / doors are draught proof
  • Dress appropriately for the season
  • The temperature of a heated room in winter should be between 18-22°C while the temperature of a cooled room in summer should be about 23-25°C (remember the humidity indoors will be low, so it will feel cooler). The temperature should be checked after the air conditioner has been operating for 30 minutes.
  • When a hot day is expected, turn on the air conditioner early rather than wait till the building becomes hot (it operates more efficiently when the outside air temperature is cooler).
  • Keep windows and doors closed when using refrigerative air conditioners (evaporative air conditioners require some air flow).
  • Close curtains on hot summer and days and cold winter nights.Outdoor shading of windows in summer is most effective.
  • If the machine has adjustable louvers, adjust them towards the ceiling when cooling, and towards the floor when heating (as cool air falls, hot air rises).

8. Your electrical wiring

Another very important, and commonly overlooked matter (especially in an older home), is the power requirements your home needs to run your new air conditioning system. In most instances the power supply to your home will be fine. In other instances you may require an upgrade or reconfiguration of the existing set up.

The amount of power an air conditioning system consumes will depend on the type and size of the system. If your existing power supply is not adequate you could experience problems including overloaded consumer mains where too much power is going through your cables. An overloaded consumer main is not only illegal but can heat up to the point of causing a house fire.

9. Trained Installers

If installation teams are not trained properly you could again encounter problems like holes cut incorrectly or even in the wrong position, and in the worst case, damage to your ceiling or walls?

As your Air Conditioning Specialist’s Coolcene has up-to-date, in-house training for team members from the installation and maintenance team right through to office administration. All installation members follow a proven procedure manual and completion checklist ensuring every job runs smoothly. The benefit of all this is the peace of mind in knowing that you are in good hands.

10. Insurances & Required licences

For your legal protection, all Air Conditioning Companies are required by law to have the following insurances in place before work can commence on your home;

  • Public Liability to cover you, your family members, or members of the public who could be injured as a result of the work.
  • Workers Compensation to protect the companies’ employees against injury while working on your installation.
  • Certificate of Currency available to relevant authorities on demand.
  • ARTICK air conditioning & refrigeration licence.

11. After sales service & warranty when you need it

When you’re looking for an air conditioner, it is advisable to look for a brand that has a comprehensive warranty on parts and labour. It’s also important to know that in the unfortunate instance you require repairs the brand you have chosen will provide spare parts into the future beyond the warranty period.

As Air Conditioning Specialist’s, Coolcene have a separate service division to provide backup service and warranty that covers both the air conditioning system and after sales workmanship. We can also access genuine spare parts when needed.

Remember; at Coolcene we support air conditioning manufacturers with spare parts divisions in Australian, or better still in New South Wales. This will make a big difference in peak times to how effectively and quickly your Air Conditioning Specialist can help you.

AT COOLCENE WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL. That way you’ll always have the peace of mind in knowing that, especially in the extremes of summer and winter, any service and repairs to your system will take priority over servicing for customers who purchased their system elsewhere.

12. Maintenance

To ensure your system is in optimum efficiency you will need to ensure filters are always clean and free from dust, that drains are not blocked and your outdoor system is kept free from the build up of debris like dust and leaves.

An average cost for annual maintenance on a wall-hung split system in the local area is around $80 and around $100 for a ducted system. At the time of installation, your friendly Coolcene staff will be happy to show you how to best look after your system.

13. By Dealing with Coolcene;

  • You keep your money in local business and, as your dollar circulates throughout the local community, everyone can benefit.
  • You help create jobs. Small business in the Port Macquarie area is by far our largest employers.
  • You assisted our community support. Your custom means that Coolcene can continue to support numerous sporting groups, schools and charities.

So; for peace of mind and value for money, let Coolcene the Air Conditioning Specialists “Create Comfort” in your home or business.